Marrying Duality, the Elegance of Complementary Juxtaposition

Thinking about the dancing interplay of polarities today, the complementary juxtapositions - tension and softness, resistance and acceptance, penetration and receptivity, holding on and letting go...

I invite you to notice when you are feeling either end of a spectrum today, and then pinpoint what the opposite of that is, and try that on, in addition. No right, no wrong, just playing with it for the sake of NOTICING and OBSERVING what this brings up, causes, or shifts in your world. Be amused and in awe at the range of what you can allow yourself to feel and act upon.

In anticipation of the upcoming spring equinox: Duality. Polarity. Juxtapositions. = Reflecting on how seemingly oppositional forces at play actually work together to create two wings for

rumi - god turns you from one feeling to another....jpg

wholeness of experience...Yin/Yang. LOVE this Rumi quote. Brings me sweet relief.

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